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3-Hour Private Zagreb Biking Tour with Local Artisan Shopping

Is time travel possible?

Loving your job and doing it for decades, transferring the skill from parents to their children for generations.

Leather craft has a long tradition in Zagreb, where in 18/19 ct. huge factories were located in the city center. Nowadays small businesses are still keeping that tradition alive. Koza leather craft store is artisan example of skilled handmade leather craft products. Family owned business located in Zagreb's Old Upper town will take you inside the store which is also a production facility, with its colourful interior, model diversity, and of course by the smell of new leather bringing us back to childhood.

Oldest coffee bar in Zagreb dates all the way to 1836. Coffee culture is a big thing in Zagreb, which is why we're visiting specialty coffee roastery that's awakening that old tradition of roasting, grinding and serving coupled with latest coffee trends. With a scent of freshly roasted beans, we'll take a short tour of the roastery, and get you to know why the guys managed to position themselves as 7th at the world barista championship some years ago.

Diamonds are girls best friends, but current Zagreb jewelry production has taken a twist to original approach powered by design of young Croatian sculptors, designers and creative individuals. Designing, creating unique pieces, usually taking their inspiration from nature and its divine creation.

Duration: 3 H

Starting time: on request

PRICE:  62,50 eur/pax

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