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professional Unior bicycle tool chest

Bicycle parts and service

If you are long distance cyclist and traveller, having a place where you can stop by to get spare bicycle parts, tires, or service your bicycle on site is really important.

Lobagola B&B can be found on Strava heat maps, where loads of long distance travellers left their mark by passing through. We have helped numerous long distance cyclists and adventurers when they had crashes, big failures or just needed trusty and reliable transport to the airport with their bicycles stored in travel boxes or cases.

Our UNIOR professional bicycle tool set, bike stand, compressor, Karcher pressure washer are available on site for free. We store small spare parts like: brake cables, pads, nuts, bolts, spokes and nipples, quick releases, tubes, tires In case you need our help with servicing your bicycle we will try our best taking into account our daily duties. If the service is more complicated and we do not have time, we will suggest couple of professional service places where you can get everything sorted in shortest amount of time (we will help to get you in front of the line).

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