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Private Artisan Jewellery Making Workshop

Interested in jewellery making and learning the craft from the master himself, then this workshop is perfect for you. During the session, you will be introduced to basic jewellery techniques and tools which you will use to create different surface textures. You will be able to understand each tools specific usage in order to acquire distinct visual aesthetics.

Having instructor as experienced and creative as the one you'll have a chance to meet during this workshop will give you the opportunity to not only learn about jewellery making but also hear interesting stories about how jewellery used to be made. Traditional ethno and restored jewellery pieces are our instructor's passion who is already the  third generation of jewellers in his family. You will hear all about new jewellery making techniques, as well as witness beauty of some unique traditional works, some couple hundred years old.

Have you ever thought of making a ring, or a bracelet you were dreaming of for some time?

Private jewellery fabrication classes help you learn and retain more information because you always have the full attention of your instructor. This allows to you instantly ask questions, receive answers and work quietly when needed. In the end, you’ll not only know how to accomplish a technique but also why it works the way it does! Another benefit of this workshop is that you get to buy the piece you made during the workshop and choose from a vast number of displayed items at the jewellery store.

Intuitive and lighthearted teaching style ensures that we work at your pace, always catering to your learning style whether you’re a visual, tactile or auditory learner.

In these classes, you will learn how to make jewellery and small objects.

Tools are discussed and much attention is paid to the various basic silversmith's techniques such as; filing, sawing, soldering and patinising.

You will also learn more about design, dimensions and how to work accurately.

PRICE: 93,00 EUR/pax

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