Zagreb city breaks

Trekking in Medvednica mountain above Zagreb

Private Trek and Yoga Zagreb City Break

Treat yourself to well deserved city break that is focused on your dedication to your body, mind and soul. Trek and Yoga Zagreb city break combine some of the world's oldest activities that will help you get away from the stressful everyday life while restoring your energy to the full strength.

Meet us at Lobagola B&B that is carefully designed to make you feel like at home, which we believe is the key for recharging your batteries.

Once you've settled down, wrap up the day by relaxing your body and stretching your muscles during a yoga session. All you need to do is show up on the terrace of our centrally located facility, but because of its unique position it will enable you to be completely disconnected from the city buzz. Practice and learn multiple yoga disciplines and techniques, invigorate your mind and reach inner peace under the guidance of experienced yoga instructor and mild warmth of setting the sun that will fully prepare you for tomorrow’s trekking experience in Nature Park Medvednica.

The second day includes walking tour around the streets of Zagreb. Our certified guide has a vast knowledge of not only Zagreb itself, including the architecture, arts and culture of the city, but also the whole of Croatia. The tour itself is enlightening and you will have a feeling like you are immersed in the local way of life.

For the third day, we have scheduled trekking to escape urban concrete jungle and get in touch with Mother Nature. Break the monotonous routine and bring out the explorer in you with a little help from incredibly preserved and unpolluted nature of Medvednica Mountain. Test your endurance and reward yourself with conquering Medvednica peaks where you will enjoy spectacular viewpoints and have Zagreb and its surroundings on the palm of your hand.

Nature park Medvednica treasures not only nature wonders and stunning hidden locations such as waterfall and old silver mine shaft but also great places to try some of the local dishes which we will gladly suggest to you once we take a break from trekking. Afterwards, we are heading out for a tour of the picturesque medieval castle of Medvedgrad that is nestled on the mountain from where it guarded Zagreb for centuries. It's beauty and legends will take you to the middle ages.

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