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Private Foodie Zagreb City Break

Lobagola B&B is founded after years of planning and is a dream come true. It's a travelers' place, built by intrepid travelers, so they can share their passion, experiences and places they've visited. It's also a motorcycle and bicycle friendly B&B! If this has already got you on the edge of a seat, get ready for what's about to be presented to you.

Once accommodated in lovely rooms, getting a glimpse of what Lobagola truly is, you will continue your day by taking part in the afternoon Urban Wine Bike Tour.

Before having a sip or two of those well known Croatian wines with 2.500 years long history, we’ll take a short visit to an urban vineyard which is a perfect view point on the Old town that will take us back to the Middle Ages when Kaptol’s bishops were well known local wine producers. Experienced wine connoisseurs will guide you through a stunning variety of Croatian wines coupled with a selection of Croatian cheeses and prosciutto. In wine basement there will be a wide selection of small label Croatian wines available for purchase.

Next morning, while reminiscing what your taste buds experienced the day before you will be able to look forward to yet another day filled with perfect scenery, but most importantly with tastes of tradition and gastronomy made for an organoleptic adventure!

We will visit Samobor, a small charming baroque town, often called – ‘Little Venice’. Samobor is famous all over Croatia for its gastronomy, natural surroundings, and medieval atmosphere. There won't be time to think about going on a diet, as Samobor has many specialties prepared for you to enjoy. One of them is well known Samobor Mustard which is a type of mustard that goes great as a side dish with cooked meat (cooked beef, roast pork, garlic sausage, meat, etc.). It is characterized by sweet, spicy taste and strong smell.

Good food needs even better incentive. That being said, what could be better than a glass of carefully selected wine from the Jagunic winery. Production of wine is not just a job to them; it's their passion and love as they put a lot of effort in each and every drop which is brought to perfection to the full extent.

On the third day with us, you will be in awe, wondering whats next. Well, how does falconry tour sounds? Experience oldest sport known to human, where syncing dog, horse, and bird of prey meant successful hunt for the falconer. Trained falcon and harris hawk presentation through Zagreb’s surroundings dense forests will for sure leave you breathless. You will have opportunity to hold bird of pray on your hand wearing a glove, sensing how it was to be a noble man from Republic of Dubrovnik. Feeding the bird flying from one hand to another in simulated hunting mode will be offered to ones who can connect with the bird naturally, being relaxed and acting like one as the nature itself does.

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