Zagreb city breaks


Private Art and Crafts Zagreb City Break

When was the last time you felt clay and water slowly oozing through your fingers? When was the last time you admired your mother's trinkets impressed by their shiny stones? The more glittery it was, the more it attracted you. Have you ever secretly drawn any graffiti? Or maybe wished you had an opportunity of doing it?

This art-street art city break will transfer you back to your childhood, evoke memories and maybe fulfill the long-forgotten dream of becoming an artist – at least for a day. You will also meet young artists, feel their enthusiasm, admire their great technical skills which enable them to transfer their vision into beautiful objects

How can it be done in such a short period of time? You will cycle, walk and drive in a Land Rover Defender 4X4, meet new people... And that's not all. 

Day one:

Arrival and check-in in a multiple award winning B&B. Here your four-day adventure starts with "Lobagola a la carte bike tour" where you'll have a chance to see very interesting works of art of young Croatian artist, some of the best graffiti in Europe and a special street art project called Pimp my Pump. This magnificent unique Croatian project lets young street-artists decorate and transform street water-pumps into colourful funny art objects. All this fresh air, art and glitter will give you energy for the next two days.

Day two:

Your journey into the craftsmanship starts with the visit to master craftsman Nokaj, a famous jeweller, who will take you in to the secrets of goldsmiths. Right there you will have a chance to develop your jewellery making skills, get a glimpse of what's it like to create something precious and beautiful, experience what only a few get to by making a unique piece of jewellery. Let your imagination free and get your creative side a treat! At the same time you can take a look at other unique pieces made by professional and choose something for yourself or your special someone from a wide range of mesmerising pieces of jewellery.

Day three:

On day three you will meet the ultimate master in art - Nature. Millions of years are written in the stones of Mount Medvednica, providing shelter and habitat to numerous animals: tiny worms, beautiful squirrels, wild cats and one of the most elegant birds of prey – a falcon. You can admire the birds from a safe distance and a falconer will take you into the training, habits and abilities of these beautiful creatures. The tour ends with a visit to medieval Medvedgrad – the old medieval stone fortress overlooking and guarding the city of Zagreb. It's situated in the heart of nature park Medvednica and as the name of the mountain suggests „medved = a bear“ it was the habitat of famous brown bears.

Day four:
Breakfast and check out from Lobagola B&B. Your Private Art and Crafts Zagreb City Break is officially over.

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