Zagreb city breaks

Medvedgrad fortress panoramic view

Private Adventure Zagreb City Break

This Micro adventure will start with the accommodation at not so typical B&B. Located in very heart of Croatian capital, Lobagola emerged from true love for meeting people, going places, gastronomy, arts, crafts and for our beautiful country.

Once you get settled in you will have a chance to truly discover Zagreb and experience its culture by joining us on one of Lobagola Bicycle tours!

Right from the starters, you will already immerse yourself in Lobagola story and see what we've got in store for you. Experience Zagreb on a bicycle with Lobagola’s twist- our guides will show you the city through blending tradition and history with old crafts, hidden parks, specialty coffee places and delicious local food and drinks! Feel Zagreb and its vibe by choosing from different bicycle tours, from Zagreb daily bike tour for first time visitors, our Craft tour, where you can experience manufacturing production from the old days, or a la carte/individual tour that can be completely tailored by your own wishes and preferences.

On your second day in Zagreb, brace yourself for yet another adventure full of wonderful new experiences as we're taking you on Photo safari tour. Exploring mountain roads, enjoying beautiful vistas and listening to the legends of Black Queen while we are exploring Medvedgrad fortress, will for sure test all of your senses.

Are you in for a treat? Well, as you take those trekking poles, prepare yourself to discover what forest has to offer, refresh yourself under the waterfall and enter the darkness of abandoned silver mine shaft.

The moment you wake up next morning, still under the impression of yesterday's trail experience, you will realize that with us adventure never stops, as the 3rd day is reserved for a stand up paddling.

It's time to discover Jarun lake and its channels and spend a day stand up paddling surrounded by beautiful nature in the heart of Croatian capital.

Being a place for leisure and recreation, Zagreb's Jarun lake will selflessly share with you its serenity of calm water coupled with beautiful scenery.

Can you imagine a better way to run away from the heat of the city and get yourself cooled down?! Join us, as we guarantee some good fun! :)