Multi day road bike and mountain bike tours

Zagreb city breaks

Micro adventure is needed from now and then to escape from everyday stress and scheduled life.

Zagreb airport is providing great connectivity year around, to all the major European destinations, but also to global destinations as USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Direct flight to destinations like Australia and New Zealand are provided by Emirates, Air Korean is flying directly every day to Zagreb and Air Canada, Transat and American airlines all have seasonal flights starting from 1th of April and ending usually at 15th of October.

Being one of the four capital cities in Europe with ski resort just above the city itself, Zagreb for sure can offer a lot to guests from outdoor adventures on MTB's, stand up paddling, carp fishing, trekking to culture, heritage, history and festivals.

Medvednica nature park is our outdoor playground, reached with our Giant full suspension mtb's in just 30 minutes from Lobagola B&B premises. Besides a network of singletrack winding all over the mountain, it offers us opportunity for trekking, photo safary tours or falconry simulated hunting, through which you will get close to the oldest sport known to humans.

Lakes and rivers of Zagreb county are ideal playground for stand up paddling sessions, getting your mind from the hussle of the city and enjoying serenity of the lakes and rivers nearby. 

If you're practicing yoga on daily base, then our daily drop in sessions could suite your interest. Located on Lobagola B&B 150 m2 terrace we're providing sessions in the morning and in the evening, just drop in and choose your mat.

Trying local food and delicacies is always one of the important reasons of traveling. From famous strukli pastry, to pasticada, paired with wide selection of fresh sea food we will tell you a story about Croatian native wine varieties.