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Truffle dog with his black truffle find

Zagreb surroundings truffle hunting tour

There is a mountain above the city, green hands with finger like foothills hugging million hearts of Zagreb.

 Are you up for some truffle hunting? Join us by booking your experience at tours@lobagola.com .

Through storytelling about the legends of the Black queen, silver mines and 19th-century mountain trout fish pond of Croatian Count Kulmer, we will take you on a gastronomic journey through time.

You will experience the surge of excitement as human’s best friend starts foraging for an edible black treasure known as a truffle. Crossing numerous creeks, we’ll sample fresh water and for sure we’ll stumble on wild game’s mountain paths. Wild boars and deer are a common occurrences in Zagreb’s surroundings followed by a sharp eye of a falcon.   

Organic honey with truffles and other truffle products tasting will be arranged at the end of the journey as a part of the tour.

Truffle products will be available for purchase on site.

duration: 4 H

Available: 01.04.- 31.10.

Every day at 09:00 h and at 15:00 h

Price: 80,00 eur/person

Minimal number of participants is 2 per tour.