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Falcon and his handler on Medvednica mountain above Zagreb

Private Medvednica Falconry Tour from Zagreb

Join us for this particularly unique private tour and experience real hunting specimen of Harris hawk in their natural habitat.

For more information how to book, contact us at:  tours@lobagola.com

Enjoy a ride in Land Rover Defender up to Nature Park Medvednica, where spotting wildlife on our way to the destination of extraordinary adventure will definitely add a special note to this exclusive experience.

You can find peace and serenity within almost untouched nature right above Croatia's capital. There is no better background for taking a plunge and becoming a part of an interactive experience of falconry then falcon's natural habitat such as Nature Park Medvednica's forest.

This will also be an educational experience as you will learn about the ancient practice of falconry. Your guide will introduce you to the history of falconry and training techniques that eventually create a unique partnership between the trainer and these majestic birds of prey

Don't miss the unique opportunity to try your hand at the falconry and to experience how it feels to hold one of the world's most skilled predators.

To continue the medieval experience we will take you to the Medvedgrad fortress where you will enjoy a spectacular view of Zagreb and its surroundings while hearing legends of Black Queen. True medieval experience in the tranquillity of the beautiful Medvednica mountain that perches proudly above Zagreb will make you forget all the stress of everyday life. 

Don't miss out on this outstanding opportunity to discover the admirable world of falconry! 


100,00 EUR/pax