Camper van Adria mobil Coral XL Plus rentals

Adria mobil Coral XL plus beach adventure stand up paddling

Camper van Adria mobil Coral XL Plus rentals

Joining forces with one of the best camper van producers in Europe Adria mobil, Lobagola B&B, Lobagola Tours and Lobagola MotoTours are venturing into new #vanlife project.

Multiple award winning Lobagola B&B and Lobagola Tours unique experience tour operator and DMC company are combining vast experience and practitionship to create new offering based on future travel trends and attention of travellers.

Lobagola means follow the path of the elephant which translates that elephants always use the same path to come back from their travels. Giving value in unlimited amounts to our guests and clients is the base of our brand. We have created accommodation and unique guided experiences to whome travellers feel connected to and very often they're coming back. By giving value to our dear guests that were staying with us at Lobagola B&B, Lobagola Mediterra or were participating in one of our unique experience guided tours or guided motorycle tours we have decided to provide a mobile experience of our well known hospitality and energy.

Base for our Lobagola #vanlife tours and rentals will be a fleet of Adria Coral Plus XL camper vans, designed and created for extended adventures.

One of our big passions is great outdoors, where we like to explore singletracks on our Giant mountain bikes and enjoy stand up paddling on the surface of mountain lakes and rivers. Mixing in free climbing, trekking, deep water soloing, sailing, wind surfing or diving we can tailor made your adventure.

Check our offering of Lobagola #vanlife city breaks and #vanlife MTB and SUP weekly long adventure experiences.