Sail and bike round trips in Balkans tailored for you

A la carte round trips

Outdoor round trips completely tailored upon your preferences. We can combine sailing and cycling, cycling and trekking, sea kayaking and cycling, all bundled up with a mix of culture, history, tradition, local delicacies guided by skilled professionals, skippers and certified tour leaders and guides.

Our round trips will not cover Croatia only, but also neighboring countries as well. Since we like to sail, free climb, sea kayak, mountain bike, all of the countries in the Balkans are a perfect playground for outdoor activities. In 2012 Bosnia & Herzegovina was pronounced as the best country in the world to ride a mountain bike by National Geographic.

The Croatian coast with its 718 islands, of which only 56 are inhabited, is ideal to explore on a multi day kayaking adventure.

Please contact us at and in short explain what your dream adventure is. 

We’ll try to get as close to that dream as possible.