Picnic in Zrinjevac central park

Zagreb guided bicycle tours

One city, two wheels and tons of fun - experience Zagreb on a bicycle with a different twist!

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Our guided tours start every day at 10 am and 5 pm during season (May - September), and at 10 am and 2 pm during off-season (October - April). We offer our tours rain or shine!

Feel Zagreb, its vibe, history, hidden parks and old craft shops. Ride with us and wander through open food markets, taste local organic food and enjoy picnic with us in one of Zagreb's central parks.

1) Lobagola Zagreb daily bike tour: Take in the most iconic sights and attractions of the Croatian capital by bicycle!

Lobagola Zagreb daily bike tour is a perfect way to discover (and rediscover) Zagreb and its famous sites in a fun and unusual way! Imagine yourself cycling through the heart of historic Zagreb and learning about the past and present of the Croatian capital from a guide who will tell you stories, share little known fun facts, and let you in on many local secrets. Well, that’s our Zagreb daily bike tour.

The price: 25,00 eur/person

2) Lobagola Bike a park-picnic tour: Fancy a picnic in Zagreb’s central park?

 Join our Bike a park-picnic tour for an amazing experience that doesn't just include cycling through beautiful parks and other green heavens in Zagreb, but also tasting fresh local food & drinks! You will visit Zagreb's most famous food market Dolac and organic food stores, from where the tour will lead you to one of Zagreb’s central parks and a picnic consisting of food goodies we picked along the way!

The price: 45,00 eur/person

3) Lobagola Craft tour: Is time travel possible? Find out in our tour of old traditional manufacturing workshops!

A shoemaker, oldest bakery in Zagreb dating from 1925, some original leather works, with a flick of traditional jewelry making, are just some of the highlights of Lobagola Craft tour.

The price: 25,00 eur/person

4) Lobagola A la carte tour: A bicycle tour completely tailored by your own wishes and preferences.

In this tour we suggest visiting at least one of the city's museums, some of the many ateliers of young talented Croatian artists... Tour highlights among other may include visiting the Observatory and discovering Pimp my pump street art project. Included in the tours: certified guide, bicycle with basket and lights, accessories (helmet, poncho), snacks & coffee at scheduled stops, Lobagola tours sticker.

The price: 45,00 eur/person


Duration of the tours: 3.5 – 4 hours.
Starting point: Lobagola B&B in Bosanska 3, 10 000 Zagreb (near Britanski trg/British Square).
Private, group and self-guided tours are also available (contact for price).

#1City2Wheels- let us be your guide while pedaling through Zagreb!

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