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Lobagola B&B Zagreb city guide

Lobagola B&B has designed Zagreb googlče my maps city guide with the intention to provide a digital booklet for our guests’ use as a guideline during their stay in Zagreb.Because we provide a huge amount of information about Zagreb we consider this guide as a part of us that you'll take along while you explore the city.

Best viewpoints, top ten attractions, our selection of restaurants, wine bars and must do’s are only a tiny part of what we have prepared for you. We hope this guide will give you a glimpse of the beautiful city of Zagreb which is a perfect city break destination. Lobagola Bed and Breakfast Zagreb city guide will help you make the best of your stay in Zagreb. Also, within this guide you will find many links not just about Zagreb, but also about Croatia and the Balkans region. 

Throughout the year we'll be updating this guide with useful information and fresh tips using our social media profiles on Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Lobagola-B&B-Zagreb-city-guide.pdf (3.75MB)