Lobagola Mediterra

Tears of Saint Lawrence

Tears of Saint Lawrence

Have you ever heard of the term “ Dark sky park”? No worries if you haven’t. Just take a few minutes of your time and emerge into this story with us to find out and see how it connects to Lobagola story!

Dark Sky Park is an area that is kept free of artificial light pollution. The purpose of a dark-sky preserve is generally to promote astronomy. We’re proud to say that we even have two dark sky parks here in beautiful Croatia.  One is situated in Pelješac peninsula and the other one can be found on the island of Lastovo.

Lobagola Mediterra Guest house is situated in Pelješac which is more than convenient given the fact both of those Dark Sky Parks are nearby. During your stay in Lobagola Mediterra Guest house, you can take a day trip to Lastovo and stay there until the evening to enjoy mesmerizing meteor shower.

When talking about Lastovo, it’s important to mention light pollution almost doesn’t exist there so it makes a perfect spot for star gazing. Every year, you can look for the Perseid meteor shower around August 10-13. “Tears of Saint Lawrence” is yet another term used to describe this meteor shower.

Right now, you are probably on the edge of your seat and can’t wait to experience it yourself. So here’s a little teaser to give you an idea of what this meteor shower looks like- click here.