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Wooden house and a happy child

Vukov konak

Vukov Konak offers you to experience the real Bosnian mountain life in a traditional, natural setting. They have small restaurant and sleeping rooms for altogether 10-15 guests.

Vukov Konak is located only 30 minutes away from Sarajevo downtown

Owners, Nepu and Jasmin live there, on a mountain in Bosnia, with their daughters Iita and Aimi, and many animals. They are a family with three languages and two very different cultures, united with a lot of love and spiced with plenty of laughter and shared pursuits.

Located right on the path of Via Dinarica world's biggest new trail that goes all the way from Slovenian Alps to Bulgaria. Connecting vast wilderness it will take you from Alpine peaks all the way to Albanian coastline.

At Vukov konak everyone will be happy to help you plan your holiday, nature experiences and outdoor activities as that is their speciality!

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