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Old village Sirogojno

Old village Sirogojno

Building skills and interior facilitation, as well as the way of organizing business and family life of people in the hilly - mountainous areas of the Dinar region are presented in 55 buildings (of which 32 are in permanent museum exhibition) which are relocated from mt Zlatibor’s villages.

The selected buildings represent a wealth of architectural and cultural development of Zlatibor region housing, also showing social and economic relations in rural settlements. Knowledge and skill with which timber was treated reached a high level, which places these buildings among the major architectural achievements.

Sirogojno village has 50 years old tradition of sweater kniting. Starting in 1962 when first exhibition of sweaters knited by local womans was held, the quality of their work has launched Sirogojno style that was recognised worldwide. Import of wool from Iceland enabled fast growth of the whole business that has spread all the way to Sweeden, Italy, France, United States of America or even Japan. 

Accommodation is possible within the village. They have seven objects with interiors adapted to serve the needs of modern living standards. The lodgings are of different capacities, with 2 - 5 beds (29 beds in total). They are intended for accommodation of the participants of programs in the Museum, but can be found in the touristic offer of Zlatibor, too.

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