Canyon bike in front of locked garage and bike and bed service point

Bike & Bed

Friend in need is a friend indeed

If traveling long distances on bicycle is your passion, then for sure you will find Lobagola B&B your home away from home.

Runned by intrepid travelers for 2 wheel wanderers from around the world. We have been traveling on our bicycles, we did mtb racing and now our bicycles are our only mean of transport, using them on daily base be it rain or shine. Lobagola's Bike & Bed service can provide cyclists one night stays, secure bike storage with fully equipped tool service as well as mapping and gps routing for Croatia and Balkans. Under the slogan #1city2wheels while we are prepping your bike for the next leg of your adventure, you can experience untouched nature of Zagreb Medvednica mountain. Join us for one of  our 4x4 Photosafari tours or if you fancy stretching your own legs partake in a trekking tour and reach the top of the mountain, Sljeme.

Cycling adventure can pose many challenges for the travellers, but we believe our plentiful breakfast will provide high energy boost to carry you to your next destination.