If you prefer planning new adventures yourself and driving on your own, Lobagola Tours also provides following services:


Rental car

Rental car services in cooperation with more than 7 partners. This will ensure availability of your desired vehicle and the best price obtainable. 


Fixed prices

No hidden fees

No crossborder hidden insurance fees for neighbouring countries

No extra credit card deposit above the agreed franchise 

Free gps

Chosen type of vehicle guaranteed

Free delivery on site of Lobagola B&B premises


In case you need a transfer, feel free to contact us. We provide airport shuttle services, as well as transfers to all cities, national parks and sights in Croatia.

We can also arrange transfers to the neighboring countries from Slovenia, Italy, Austria, and all the way to Albania on the south.


If you prefere being provided with high level professional that is well aquainted with all of the countries in Balkans region, we can support you with our high level of concierge service.


Sorting special requests for:

- accommodation 

- shuttles

- boat transfers

- charters 

- restaurants

- custom itineraries

- tailor made tours

- daily on the fly adjustments per clients requests