Motorcycle services


Motorcycle storage

Storing your motorcycle on yearly or monthly base is one of our services dedicated to overlanders.

Bikes are stored in our on-site storage facility, inside our premises. Here you can be accommodated at Lobagola B&B, where all 2 wheel travelers have 15 % discount for their stay for direct booking

Price is 45,00 eur/month payment in front for 12 months period by credit card, PayPal. We're taking motorcycles on yearly base, but monthly storage is also possible for the same price of 45,00 eur.


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Motorcycles are insured inside of our property from damage, fire or theft.

Trickle charging is included in the price, as well as regular spinning to allow the oil flow through the engine. We will do our best to trickle charge your battery, but because we do not know in what state or how old your battery is, we can't guarantee that the battery will stay charged.

If you plan to do multiple trips in the coming year or years, then shipping your bike and storing it with us, will make quite a good option cost wise.

Besides being motorcycle lighthouse in Balkans, our vast knowledge of the area of Balkans, or if go wider from Northern Africa to Iran, will for sure be available to you if you need to make plans for your journey.

We're registered tour operator, with extensive knowledge of sorting out motorcycle travelers needs.

Our main business is hospitality business and tour operator business, but because of our love for motorcycles and the 2 wheel community, we're offering our knowledge as an added value service.

Inside of our storage, there is free space for your panniers, top case, tank bag, helmets etc.

We also offer a well-equipped workshop with tools on display that you can use for free. Tools are good for minor maintenance, anything bigger can be handled through our Parts and service.

Or if you would like service carried out by a BMW dealer (KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha or any other major brand are also available) it can be arranged, where we will securely transport your bike to them and bring it back after service. You would pay only the costs from the dealer with no markup plus a fair service charge for our time to transport your bike for you. The comfort for you is knowing that your bike is in as good a running order as you like, ready for your trip. There is no need to lose valuable vacation days at the start to get a repair done, a tire change or even worse, an unforeseen breakdown on the road.

What many of our customers find a great way to start their trip after that long plane ride and the accompanying jet lag is to arrive here to their bikes washed and ready, relax and load up their gear and even go for a leisurely short ride to visit the lovely city and get to know their bikes again, then stay night or two with us in our Bed & Breakfast before leaving on their trip after a good hearty breakfast.

So if you are considering keeping a bike in Europe for future amazing touring around Europe, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We would be glad to help.

Host service

This service is an addition to our already existing list of motorcycle traveler dedicated services. There will be no fee for this service at all, fully free for the community.

On your arrival, a host is going to take care of all of your needs, provide local knowledge, mapping & routing. Call the stores for spare parts/tires, arrange possible service, tire fitting, bike transport from/to service etc.