Motorcycle services

Lufthansa myAir cargo air freight

Lufthansa myAirCargo

Global traveling on two wheels is becoming much easier with assistance of cargo freighting companies.

We've partnered with Lufthansa myAirCargo project offering our vast global knowledge of motorcycle cargo transport.

Cooperation started in spring of 2017 aimed to offer the best available service for global over landing travellers on motorcycles, at competitive prices especially if you combine cargo shipping with passenger flights (miles and more project is supported)

Renting motorcycles is a costly adventure where we're offering an air freight solution in partnership with Lufthansa myAirCargo that is enabling you to fly with your own motorcycle supported by our green card insurance platform.

The time period that we consider reasonable is 3+ weeks of time spent riding which is going to cost less than renting the motorcycle for 3 weeks. You need of course to include the convenience of riding your own motorcycle which is a huge benefit, that will provide the superb experience.

Usually, our clients store their motorcycle with us on a yearly base, because the location of Zagreb is offering amazing riding opportunities. The alps are just 2 h ride from us, and Adriatic coast where you can ride throughout the year is 2 h ride from us.

If you plan to go to east towards Asia, we're also perfectly located, saving you time and money on boring highway rides through Germany and neighbouring countries. If your wish is to ride in Africa, getting to Italy and taking one of Grimaldi or similar big ferry companies to reach Ceuta in Morocco or Tunis in Tunisia is very easy and straight forward.