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Hossein Ravanyar

Explore Iran Overland- Hossein Ravanyar

Iran is a big country inhabited by several different ethnic groups each with their own culture and homeland. The land shows great variation in landscapes, sometimes going into extremes like the desert landscapes of the East to the high mountain peaks in the North. Historically Iran has been influenced by many cultures from east, west and the south.

Hossein Ravanyar is known by many overland travellers as "Mr. Hossein" on the Iranian-Turkish border between Bazargan and Dogubajazit. Hossein has assisted tourists for more than 29 years in his home country Iran. For the 5 years Hossein worked as a tourist manager at the customs office in Bazargan close to the Turkish border.


In 2002 Mr. Hossein has retired and is now offering his services from his hometown Tabriz for travellers visiting Iran. Because Hossein has extensive travel experience he knows very well what it's like to be in your shoes.

He has detailed knowledge about Iranian customs procedures and immigration requirements for travellers visiting Iran overland. Also his network throughout Iran is extensive and can be of valuable use for travellers especially with an "off the beaten track" initiary.

Please note that Mr. Hossein can still assist you at the Bazargan border, however please give a notice few days in advance by telephone or via e-mail before you arrive.