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Riders from New Zealand and Australia have been an important part of our motorcycle travels and friendships.

Meeting many Kiwi's and Aussie's through these years have grown into close contact with many overlanding travellers.

Kiwi community asked us to join their most known forum aimed for New Zealand and Australian community.

With the direct flight connection provided by Emirates throughout the year with a stopover in Dubai, Zagreb came fast into itineraries of many travelers shipping their bikes to Europe. Our friends and clients usually ride for 3-9 months and very often they leave their motorcycles on yearly base somewhere in Europe. If you need to organize shipping of your motorcycle, we have partners in NZ and Australia offering these services.

You can make Zagreb your base for the future rides in Europe very easy. We at Lobagola B&B and Lobagola MotoTours can provide motorcycle purchasebike storage, air land and sea transport, spare parts, tires, service, and logistics needed to make your travels as less stressful as possible.