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How to buy and store a motorcycle in Europe

Planning to ride in Europe, Asia and Africa for more than 3 weeks, then don't look to rent, but instead purchase your own motorcycle in Europe, Croatia through Lobagola MotoTours service of motorcycle purchase.

Lobagola MotoTours will provide service on how to buy and store a motorcycle in Europe. Tell us what motorcycles you're interested in and what is your budget, then we will search through our dealer and service network. We will go to check the bikes (travel if needed also is an option), and also will hire a professional mechanic to thoroughly check the bike before the final purchase happens. 

If the bike is in desired condition, we will then go fwd to deal with the payment and to get the bike to our storage facility. The bike will wait you here until you decide to pick it up.

Payments are maid by credit card or PayPal (adding 7 % on top of the price to cover the fees).

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All the paperwork, green card insurance, transfer of ownership, tax, and the service/spare parts if needed/requested will be provided by us. Also, fresh tires if needed, will be sourced from our suppliers, so the motorcycle is read to ride when you arrive.

Any additional equipment needed for the bike (racks, bags, top cases, etc etc), please send your inquiry what you need and we will find the requested part and provide a quote.

Here is the link for the motorcycles we have currently for sale:


- negotiating between seller and buyer, transfer of ownership and dedicated paperwork, registration paperwork and renewal and all other issues that are or will be part of the process: 450,00 EU (sales tax is not part of the fee, this will be charged extra after the transfer of ownership happens)

- we do not allow our clients to buy a bike through us and store it somewhere else (part of the agreement). Buying and storing on yearly base is part of the service. Storage is 45,00 eur/month, where we provide 2 shuttle services on yearly base for our clients. We're located 2 h ride from Alps and 2 h ride from Adriatic coast.

- our main storage is underground warehouse, bikes are trickle charged regularly and also weekly spinning to allow the oil flow is part of the storage fee.

- use of workshop and tools inside of our main B&B premises building is free

- pick up service is 1,00 eur/km

- aiport pick up and drop off is outsorced, and the price is 27,00 eur/each way.

- we also provide airport bike pick up (extra cost) if you leave your bike there, and also airport bike drop off (extra cost) if you want to start right after the landing in Zagreb airport

- we can trailer the bike/bikes to the coast (extra cost) to the city of your choice (Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik) if you desire to start from there

TET  trail is just 1,5 h ride from us and the Balkans are the real starting point for your offroad adventure in Europe. Dooby is linesman for Croatia and we can support your offroad adventures by finding a light enduro bike for you to purchase and enjoy offroading paradise the Balkans really are.