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Lobagola is about its people, about giving each one of them value without expectations.

Our approach to giving value to people around us is to give them relevance at scale, which then scales towards our clients and the environment that sourrounds us through as many cohorts as possible until there is available attention.

No Lobagola team member is bound to a job title, or to their specific role. We’re constantly evolving beyond our own walls to fuel our imaginations, creations and sometimes within them.

Team work will always push the boundaries of creation and will make what seemed impossible on first though just a stepping stone that always makes us proud as we have scaled one more peak. We are very enterprise oriented and family-friendly at our core. Each day we're inviting and encouraging the development of personal passions into our working environment.

Our aim is to allow each member of the team to navigate her/his task giving space for personal realisation. Among us, you'll find painters, adventure seekers, traders, cyclists, climbers, vocational champions and linguists just to scratch the surface.

Here are some of the press clipping from our first 5 years being in business:

Daily Mail


Tip travel magazine

Norwegian Air

The Standard

Paste magazine

TimeOut Croatia

Korean Air

Jutarnji list