Hospitality and DMC consultancy


Hospitality advisors

Experience gathered through managing multi award winning boutique premises Lobagola B&B provided in depth practicality of managing attention of our consumers.

From the opening we have been focused on brand and building brand, creating speed that enabled us to create high percentage of direct sales of room inventory. Because of our unusual approach to creating brand and value by focusing on postsale experience through execution, London office of TripAdvisor have used our business numerous times as a showcase to newly opened hotels and B&B’s in the Balkans.

After 4 years of running our own premises we have created a hospitality cluster comprising of 7 premises (B&B and heritage hotels) spread out all over Croatia. Aim was to create a quality platform and provide a base for our guests to have the same level of experience in more than one place. All the members are focused on creating broadened experience of accommodation through gastronomy, guided tours, eco tourism, eco farms or workshops. We have been advising members of the cluster in sales and marketing, helping them to position themselves in their operations while being aligned where the market is moving. 

Our uniqueness is that we operate our hospitality, tour operator and DMC company under the same roof. This is very unusual but our approach is to give the best value to the guest and to control the information and how it is placed before the experience, during the experience and after the experience itself.

We have advised hotels in New Zealand and Hungary on how to combine hospitality services with tour operator business providing DMC services directly. Our strategy is to reduce the friction and deliver desired experience to the specified psycho and demo keeping the information unfiltered which in the end creates the highest level of user experience.

Contextual storytelling is at the core of our consultancy and is backed up by Lobagola Media, our in house digital and marketing agency.

Lobagola Media is internally integrated and supported by teams: Brand, Connection, Digital, Experiential Content, Operations and Project and Account Management.

Together, we make our clients’ brands and their concepts impossible to imitate.

If you are in the planning stages of your hospitality project you can get in touch with our team for informative meeting or conference call to define your needs.