Hospitality and DMC consultancy


EU funds

Working in partnership with municipalities on projects and programs for destination development.

We use EU structural funding to define the future of destinations and it's participants.

Our continuous tour operator and DMC work in Zagreb and its surroundings provided great experiential platform that gave us a framework on how to define destination and present it’s best attributes to the consumers. It also allowed us a unique and continuous introspective into how to combine vertical and horizontal destination development into 

Under the same roof we have unique advantage of extended experience managing and owning a high profile hospitality business, unique experience tour operator and DMC company and motorcycle tour operator. This enables us to develop, manage and scale the concepts much faster and define a framework for the desired goal to be achieved within the in house team of professionals. Lobagola Media, our in house digital and media hub is standing behind the contect, live and digital experience production that is used for scaling the attention after the action plan has been executed.

Strategic planning and management are crucial aspects in any project or program framework.

These are crucial in the process of defining the consumer numbers rate, managing roles and team and framework for implementation as well as the management of budgeting.

Interpretive plan is establishing the communication process and is the core of each heritage, cultural, historical and outdoor interpretation plan or program.

Our acquired experience and competence allows us to approach any destination development project or program with speed as we’re practitioners of where consumer attention will be in the time to come.

Each interpretive plan or program is comprised of master plan, strategic development plan and execution or action plan.

Master plan of each project or program is extensive framework that enables the execution of the project or program.

Each master plan is comprised of strategic plan, institutional plan (roles of each institutional participant), interpretive plan and executional plan that delivers the aimed and desired experience.

Strategic plan defines the guidelines for the potential of the destination, project or program with precisely defined goals and instructions that needs to be delivered in the time window of 1-5 years in order to reach the defined goals.

Executional plan defines analysis of all the realistic time frames for objectives that need to be reached. It also defines the roles of all the participants, stakeholders, defines the preliminary budgeting and revenue management, all of which is aligned to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the project or program.

Paired with our vast experience through Lobagola Media, digital and media hub, we are providing a one stop shop service encompassing all the important aspects of positioning your destination to attract the attention of its potential consumers..

Lobagola Media is native, we’re internally integrated agency and supported by following teams: Brand, Connection, Digital, Experiential Content, Operations and Project and Account Management. Together, we make our clients’ brands impossible to imitate.

We’re able to custom tune our approach and use partial or all our range of media services to provide value to your project. Contextual storytelling will keep the attention on the project or program, enabling scaling of the provided content to the consumers. This will result with broadening of the experience through all the used channels and will deliver long term value bonding with consumers. 

If you you need consultancy for your future EU project or need to pivot existing one you can get in touch with our team for informative meeting or conference call to define your needs.