Hospitality and DMC consultancy

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Hospitality and DMC consultancy

Experience gained through managing multi award winning premises Lobagola B&B, unique tour operator and DMC Lobagola Tours and Motorcycle tour operator Lobagola MotoTours (operating globally) enables us to provide consultancy based on practicionership.

Hospitality cluster we have created in Croatia enabled us to provide support and built or pivot eco-tourism premises, backcountry resorts, B&B’s and heritage hotels. We have enabled members knowledge of building a horizontal cooperation in the destination as well as creating long term local produce supplier network.

Working with the management of Northern Velebit National Park on the Trans Euro Trail project we have created long term oriented framework for local municipalities with primary aim of bringing financial benefits and spending in rural areas whilst at the same time protecting nature and habitat. By extending consumer stay in the destination and mixing it with available and new outdoor experiences we have created a platform for users to come back.

If you need support for your future or current project you can easily get in touch with our Lobagola Consultants team.