Camping and retreats


Yoga retreats

Development and management of purposely built premises delivering desired level of yoga experience.

Our hospitality, tour operator and DMC experience gives as unique introspective in what are the needs of today's consumer. Developing two of our premises Lobagola B&B and Lobagola Mediterra which were purposely built to host outdoor focused guests, we have gained experience through which we now cooperate with the largest outdoor tour operators in the world like Peak Travel DMC or Backroads.

Through our hospitality cluster in Croatia we have advised, managed and marketed fully or partially our co-members towards the different phases of their projects. 

As yoga practitioners we are fully immersed what yoga means in today's life, that’s why we have daily yoga sessions on our open terrace at Lobagola B&B managed by Lobagola Tours.

Development of yoga retreats in project management can be delivered fully with our in-house team coworking with architects, builders, landscapers and any other expert needed to execute the project. Creating a yoga shala filled with natural energy and a sense of unhindered flow, while enabling loads of light and air to circulate the space is crucial.

We’re supporting you when choosing the micro location, surroundings, horizontal content in the destination, the offering of outdoor activities and all that goes along while following the ideals of pura vida spirit.

Taking care of the logistics of the specific location, grocery logistics and meal preparation is also an important aspect as is the size of the on site kitchen and how it is organised. These are all important parts of the longevity of the project itself.

Paired with our vast experience gained through Lobagola Media, our digital and media hub, we are providing a one stop shop service encompassing all the important aspects of positioning your yoga retreat to attract the attention of its potential consumers.

Lobagola Media is native, we’re internally integrated agency and supported by following teams: Brand, Connection, Digital, Experiential Content, Operations and Project and Account Management. Together, we make our clients’ brands impossible to imitate.

We’re able to custom tune our approach and use partial or all our range of media services to provide value to your project. Contextual storytelling will keep the attention on the project or program, enabling scaling of the provided content to the consumers. This will result with broadening of the experience through all the used channels and will deliver long term value bonding with consumers. 

If you you need consultancy for your future yoga retreat project or need to pivot existing one you can get in touch with our team for informative meeting or conference call to define your needs.