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Eco farms, agro tourism, permaculture and organic food production are our passions. We share it with many of our friends that own, manage similar projects and are immersed into nature, farming and taking care of the nature that surrounds them.

We’re cooperating with many of the eco-tourisms, farms and clusters and have created horizontal connecting of the organic farm producers with hospitality businesses and restaurant businesses. 

Our focus is to create a long term value between the parties, bringing them together in the aim to provide the best organic produce there is, to desired consumers by removing any friction that might happen with the middle man.

Our B&B and hospitality cluster was used as testing scheme and platform that is now spreading into many different channels of connecting producers and end consumers.

If you are in the planning stages of connecting your organic farm production to the end consumer or need to create a new more sustainable model that will bring more value to the produce of your work you can get in touch with our team for informative meeting or conference call to define your needs.