Camping and retreats

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Camping and retreats

Being long term practitioners in yoga and camping since we were 4 years old, we’re combining experience gathered through our hospitality and cluster business with following new trends of the consumer attention.

Building projects from ground up like yoga retreats, camps or delivering added value to existing projects by providing consultancy in camper stop project implementation we’re able to execute projects with in house expert team, supported by Lobagola Media hub.

Camper van culture is something we’re very passionate about. We live in camper van, travel a lot in it, and more or less are spending all year around in the camper van. From this experience we decided to create camper van outdoor MTB and SUP tours as well as motorcycle training experiences in remote areas of the Balkans.

Our camper van is our house on wheels, our mobile logistics base when we do motorcycle rally raid races, MICE, incentive projects or MTB and SUP adventures all over Croatia and the Balkans.