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Sumski kuhar vegetarian restaurant

Šumski Kuhar Bistro

In December 2014 the famous street ‘Tkalča’ has become even richer in its offer of good food and drinks with the opening of “Šumski Kuhar Bistro” – first Croatian vegetarian-raw-fast-food bistro!

Owner Anton Rudan, also known as a ‘hunter for self-grown plants’, has been roaming with his off-road restaurant over the period of 5 years, during which he attended lots of big music  festivals, from “Ultra Europe” in Split to “Outlook Festival” in Pula. The day to drop the anchor has come and Anton and his team placed Šumski kuhar in the center of Zagreb in December 2014.

They offer raw food, fast food, and dishes that are made out of self-grown veggies and herbs. Most of the plants that are used in the restaurant are picked by unemployed women from Croatian areas under the government’s help program.

Their favorite ingredient is cannabis/hemp, so on their menu you’ll find dishes such as hemp burgers or hemp pasta. Hemp was cultivated through decades in these areas and Anton and his team would like to give it back a place on the Croatian menu it deserves.

Their menu also offers lots of veggie soups, pies, fresh juices, as well as a selection of cakes and sweets.

Find Šumski kuhar at Tkalčićeva 7, just a few steps from the main square.

Also, check out Šumski kuhar on Facebook for their daily menus!