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Mak na Konac patisserie furnished interior

Mak na Konac

Mak na Konac, a patisserie owned by one of the best Croatian pastry chefs Petra Jelenić, located in tiny street right next to the Home of the Croatian artists. Trust Lobagola's recommendations and combine these two houses of art: one will satisfy your sense of sight, and the other one a tasteful dimension of coolinary art.

Let the Mak na Konac's menu stick to your fingers and taste buds forever. Imagine all the macarons, dry cookies with orange, hazelnuts and almonds, vanilla cake with hazelnuts and the queen among cakes – Mak na Konac, cake that combines poppy seeds, raspberry jam, marzipan and chocolate waiting just for you.

Mak na Konac is open every day, except Sunday and holidays, from 9 am until 8 pm.