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Korica artisan bakery

Artisan bakery Korica in Zagreb

Last year Zagreb’s gastronomy scene became richer for something we really needed – real bread! Although this statement seems a bit overrated because bakeries are on every step in Zagreb, the great number of people stopping by at baker’s shop Korica every day is the proof that demand for real bread is real.
Ivana Urem Marohnić opened the baker's shop asking many questions: why a town where good food is obviously important does not find the most basic - properly made bread. Their mission was and still is to introduce real bread to Zagreb again.
Bakery Korica respects and follows the mastery of baking bread. All products are handmade, traditional and use the authentic methods of preparation, using wild yeast culture older than 40 years. To ensure the richness of flavors and texture, pastry dough is carried out until 48 hours fermenting and developing.
“We are doing real bread, bread unmixed with additives and unnecessary mechanical treatment, bread consisting only of traditional ingredients - flour, water, yeast, salt ... and time.”
Long fermentation always results in top quality and even quality bread. As they like to say they have a 0% tolerance policy for the use of additives or enhancers and other ingredients that other manufacturers do not declare.
But Korica is not just a fine artisan bakery, full of wonderful smells of freshly baked bread, best croissants ever, delicious brioche and (oh my God) heavenly rye bread…OK, where were we? In Korica you can sit down and enjoy a good coffee in a pleasant ambiance combined with freshly baked goods.
They also sell two kinds of Danish rolls, sourdough bread, sweet banana and walnut bread, lemon pies, marbled cakes, and raisins bread. The bakery is not stuffed with a too wide range of products that should create an image of a rich offer. There are several types of bread, a couple of rolls, some dairy products, quite enough for a place that wants to send a message that is focused on quality
Apart from succulent rolls, bread and other baked delicacies and desserts that you have not been able to try in Zagreb, Korica can also boast of a commendable modern minimalist interior that is brilliantly matched to the whole idea of the project. Artisan Bakery Korica interior design is signed by a team from Diorama and as for the branding, Metaklinika from Belgrade gets the praise.
We have to finish with their statement from their website because we couldn’t agree more.
“Our production process is completely transparent and visible to all customers and passers because you have the right to ask where your food comes from and how it is made.”