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Cafe Gallery Lav

Café Gallery Lav

If you're looking for a nice café in the old town, Lobagola B&B recommends Café Gallery Lav. Located just up the hill from the Stone Gate, Café Gallery Lav is a perfect place to take a rest after the alpine climb into the Upper Town (Gornji grad), before heading on to seeing the Parliament, St Mark’s Church or the Museum of Broken Relationships.

In this café you’ll get a feeling as if you are sitting in an art gallery, surrounded by all kinds of of interesting art pieces, books and picture windows. If the weather is nice and you’re lucky to find a seat on the charming outside terrace, you’ll have a great view of the street Kamenita and passers-by. All that coupled with very friendly service, good coffee, pastries and cakes homemade by the owner makes this café worth a visit!