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Bornstein wine shop

Bornstein Wine Shop & Bar

For all wine lovers in Zagreb, Lobagola B&B recommends paying a visit to Bornstein Wine Shop & Bar in Kaptol no 19.

Your search for perfect wines ends now – Bornstein is the first and oldest wine shop in Croatia with great selection of Croatian wines, brandies and other delicacies such as olive oils or fruit preserves.

This is a place for all wine lovers who are looking for learning more and becoming familiar with domestic and international wine varieties in a special environment. And then, when you thought you've seen everything, the staff will share their greatest pride - archival collection of wines from Kutjevo and Belje wineries and the oldest bottle of Croatian wine - White Burgundy from 1947.

This beautiful wine bar and liquor store is a real hidden treasure and it proves to be worth going a little bit out of the usual Upper Town routes for an amazing wine experience.

In order to find Bornstein, see their address on Google Maps: Kaptol 19, Zagreb, and enjoy some great wines ;)