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Booksa book club

Booksa book club

Booksa is a book club, but don't worry, you don't have to be a member to enjoy their services. If you are a prisoner of your love for literature (in Croatian street language” buksa” means prison), then Booksa is a right place for you. Located in Martićeva street, it’s a 10 minute walk from the main square. 

It's hard to describe Booksa just with words. Is it a cafe? Yes, but not a typical one. Mostly, it offers just “soft” drinks and smoking inside is not allowed (not a common case in Croatia & Balkans).

Is it a library? Yes, but not a typical one. You can choose between many different magazines and books (available in different languages) and read them while you’re sitting comfortably and enjoying your cup of coffee or tea. There are always enough of plug points for all guests with their electrical devices (laptops, smart phones...) and the wi-fi is quite fast.

Is it a concert/event venue? Yes, but not a typical one. You can run into a live concert (performers are usually aspiring young singers/bands), book presentation event, travel lectures, literature workshops – don’t worry, they serve alcohol when mentioned manifestations are being held.

Is it an art exhibition? Yes, but not a typical one. Once you enter the Booksa space, your senses get overwhelmed – there are a lot of photos and paintings made by local artists, music is always good (not too loud), every piece of furniture is unique, in a flea market sort of way.

Is it a tourist agency? Well, no, but Booksa offers a lot of brochures and information about Zagreb cultural happenings, so this book club is a perfect starting point for exploring the city and/or meeting interesting locals.

It’s open Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00-20:00