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Ivan Kozaric-The grounded sun

Zagreb's Solar System (Nine Views)

So, first it was a Sun. Both at the beginning of the world as we know it and at the beginning of Zagreb's Nine Views sculptures. Nine Views is an ambiental installation in Zagreb, which, together with the sculpture The Grounded Sun makes up a consistent model of the Solar System. The Grounded Sun (first displayed in 1971), the work of Croatian academic sculptor Ivan Kožarić is a huge bronze sphere , which is placed in Bogovićeva street, Zagreb city center, since year 1994.

Exactly one decade later, in 2004, a different artist, Davor Preis expanded the solar system initiated by Kožarić, by adding the grounded planets of our solar system. This was done respecting the scale of real astronomical bodies (by calculating the size of The Grounded Sun, Preis determinated how big and how far the planets must be apart in order to imitate real-life sizes and distances).

Preis did this installation with very little or no publicity, so his installation isn't well known among citizents of Zagreb. We recommend you to try and locate all of the planets – it's a great way to get a feel for the dimensions of the Solar System and to discover random corners of the city.

The locations of the planets are as follows:

Mercury – 3 Margaretska Street,Venus – 3 Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Earth – 9 Varšavska street, Mars – 21 Tkalčićeva Street, Jupiter – 71 Voćarska Street, Saturn – 1 Račićeva Street, Uranus – 9 Siget, Neptun – 48 Kozari put, Pluto – Aleja Bologne (underpass)

Don't worry, Pluto, you are still a planet in Zagreb.