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Toso Dabac photography

The Tošo Dabac Archive and the MSU (Gorgona Hall)

The Tošo Dabac Archive and the MSU (Gorgona Hall)

19 Nov. – 19 Dec. 2014

Programme: ten expert lectures and six photo-workshops, an exhibition of the photographs of Tošo Dabac and an exhibition of the best works from the photo-workshops.

The core theme is the applied photography of Tošo Dabac on the topic of architecture.

The programme of the Tošo Dabac Archive Photography Days is motivated and guided by the idea of promoting the art of photography and is not focused exclusively on the oeuvre of Tošo Dabac. It is concentrated, rather, on the art of photography in the broader sense and on the protection, preservation and validation of photography as the core mission of museum professionals working with photographic collections, and on the contextualisation of the applied, i.e. functional photographs by this artist in the contemporary photography scene.

Given the great public interest for the Tošo Dabac Archive Photography Days the event – the core motivating idea of which is to promote the art of photography – will feature as its central event an exhibition of the works of the Nestor of Croatian photography, Tošo Dabac.