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Museum of Torture

The Museum of Torture

The Museum of Torture TORTUREUM offers an insight into its unique collection of various instruments of torture and execution that have been employed since the ancient times to the present day. The Museum vividly depicts the notion of violence throughout history, with over 70 full-scale instruments of torture, which even the thought of chilled people to the bone.

The visitors will be able to see, touch and try exhibits such as the full-scale replica of the 1792 guillotine with the 1889 Berger mechanism; pendulum – a swinging blade that descends lower and lower with each sweep; rack – one of the oldest instruments of torture; iron maiden, which is considered as the most brutal medieval instrument of torture; scold’s bridle, an instrument used to punish women accused of scolding and gossiping, as well as many other instruments that were used to humiliate, torture, injure or execute the victim.

Inside the Tortureum, the visitor is immersed in a cabinet of wonders – a semidarkness in which the exhibits are bathing in discomforting sound environment. The specially designed multimedia guides with original audio and video content allow visitors to learn more about the history of each exhibited instrument of torture. The Museum is also unique for its Dungeon – a miniature cool room in which the visitor can spend a minute of his life in pitch blackness, anticipating the uncertain future…

The Zagreb Torturem was conceived as an experiential museum for every visitor as well as a reminder of the history of mankind in which violence arises from the fear of the unknown, different and from the fear of the Other. The Museum’s aim is also to help the visitor realize that our own increasingly vulnerable existence is daily subjected to various forms of visible and invisible torture, from school bullying and workplace mobbing to domestic violence, in order to make torture eventually become just a part of human history presented in a museum.