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Nin Saltworks

Nin Salt Souvenir Shop and Museum

Museum shop „The story of salt“ is located just 5 minutes from the ban Jelačić Square, in Radićeva 12 street.  There you can take a trip into the past and find out how was salt produced, as well as how long it took to get it to its final destination, our homes.

Flower of salt is a mineral-rich mixture with precise physical-chemical characteristics whose essential micronutrients participate in almost all the metabolic functions of an organism, thus giving it a wide range of activity in a nutritional and dieraty-therapeutic sense. Flower of salt is an original, high quality sea salt that provides the optimal absorption and usability of its minerals in a human organism.“ Tena Niseteo, A graduate engineer of food technology, clinical nutritional therapist (definition of food)

Even though, in 1500, Venetians bought and closed salt pans of Adriatic sea since they were rivals to their own salt pans. The Nin Salt Works was still alive and biodynamic ecosystem, even after being closed for 500 years.  As Nin Salt Works is located between five Croatian national parks it further testifies the purity of and unspoiled natural environment.