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International Documentary Film Festival

ZagrebDox- International Documentary Film Festival

Since 2005, ZagrebDox - international documentary film festival attracts documentary film lovers and producers for the 13th year in a row.

This year, from 26th of February to 5th of March you can get the insight into the recent documentary films, but also get retrospectives into films focused on specific subjects, genres, techniques and esthetics.

ZagrebDox is a specialized festival that presents the best creative documentary films with an imaginary form and choice of topics that make it unique in Croatia and Europe.

Festival stimulates national documentary production and boosts international and regional cooperation in co-productions. Through its competition program in international and regional categories it highlightes everything that is new, brave, off mainstream and intrepid.

The festival's competition program has international and regional categories. The international competition presents the best autor and creative documentary films from the world, made and produced in the past year.