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Books at Zagreb Book Festival

Zagreb Book Festival in the Museum of Arts and Crafts

The first edition of the literary and cultural event Zagreb Book Festival took place from 18 until 24 May 2015 in the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

Zagreb Book Festival (ZBF) was formed as a celebration of the written word and its particular power to enrich the human mind. The main mission of the festival is to raise interest in reading, writing and literary communication, but not excluding intermediality of modern artistic expression. 

Considering the important historical event for Croatia, recent Croatian accession to the European Union, the organizers of this festival believe it is their obligation to spread cultural space, to enrich the society that deserves cultural superstructure for making a difference in one's life. That is the reason why the festival chose to have each year one country as a partner of the festival, which will then promote the country's culture and literature. This year's partner was Sweden, so Sweden's culture and its crime fiction were the focal point in more than 40 events at the Festival.

The aim of the Festival was to increase the book audience and to promote reading and books which were boosted through literary programs with famous guest authors, best national selection of discount books, as well as the gastronomic and musical events.