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Croatian Festival of Food & Wine

The 3rd Croatian Festival of Food & Wine

The 3rd Croatian Food & Wine Festival will be held this year at Zagreb’s Arena from 13-15 November.

The popular festival will be present to the entire wine and food offerings throughout various Croatian regions and counties, as well as attractive offers from other countries in the region. The aim of the festival is to promote local gastronomy and enology and to help position Croatia as an exciting year-round one-gastronomic destination.

Get to know Croatia’s premium cheeses , hams , sausages , olives and other kinds of oil, brandy, jams as well as the chance to taste and buy some the best wines and sample some of the best sweets from various chocolatiers , bakeries , and small and large sweet manufacturers. There will also be an educational programme, workshops and cooking show stages at the 3-day event.

For more info visit the official website here.

Prepare your taste buds for three days of sampling products by 300 exhibitors, watching attractive culinary shows on two stages, attending a number of cooking workshops and finding out more on the latest eno-gastronomic trends!