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Summer on Stross Zagreb 2016

Summer on Stross or ''Strossmarte'' 2016

Located right underneath the famous Lotrščak Tower, Strossmayer walkabout is the place where visitors can enjoy the longest summer festival in Zagreb, starting from May 29 to September 4.

Popular Croatian street band, named appositely ''Kings of the Street'', decided to create this festival which is lasting all summer long, joining together street music and different forms of art. Summer on Stross or "Strossmartre" brings a bit of the Parisian spirit. Carefully created musical programme, art installations integrated into space, unusual and entertaining actions and prize contests. Somewhat nostalgic atmosphere of the open-air cinema, painters and their canvases, followed by a glass of excellent wine is always a good summer combination and it has been hard to resist to both citizens of Zagreb and its' visitors.

This year Stross will happily live as Strossmartre for the entire 100 days, inviting visitors to have fun and love this festival of true ''summer in the city'' energy.