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Subversive Film Festival

Subversive Festival

The 9th edition of the Subversive Festival will be held on 1st-16th of May. This year's festival will bring together more than a 100 intellectuals, scholars, artists, filmmakers and activists, and screen more than 50 films under the common topic the Politics of Friendship. The extensive film, conference and forum programs will take place in Zagreb’s Cinema Europe, Cinema Tuškanac and MM Center.

This festival traditionally consists of two parts: theory and film. The first part starts on the 1st of  May in Cinema Europe. The focus will be on the relationship between the ideology of scientific and technological progress, the economy of human capital and the ethics of mercy versus the biopolitical state of “man without qualities”. On these and many other topics will speak prominent intellectuals such as the French journalist and  Florence Hartmann, German economist Heiner Flassbeck,  as well as local and regional intellectuals and activists such as Dragan Markovina, Slovenian sociologist and political activist Rastko Močnik, political philosopher Gal Kirn, historian Dubravka StojanovićBudimir Lončar