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SCRAPBOOKS - Our grandmothers’ Facebook

If you’re visiting Zagreb from 15. 6. 2015. - 31. 8. 2015. you should definitely go to the Main Zagreb Library to the exhibition called Scrapbooks - our grandmothers Facebook.
Couple from Zagreb for the past 5 years is collecting old scrapbooks. They managed to collect over 300 of them and the oldest one is dating all the way back to 1839.
Scrapbooks represent spontaneous youth culture and they’re transferred from generation to generation. Three essential points can be found in each one - messages, drawings and reports. 
Text messages were personal, but there was also some that were taken from the literature. In addition to text messages the scrapbooks also contain amazing works of art. 
The most common ones are drawings of flowers, landscapes and panoramas but you can find some other contributions as well, like small tapestries, pressed flowers and strands of hair.
The Main Zagreb Library is located in Ante Starcevic square no. 6 and you can visit their main page here.