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Sara Renar playing live in Rockmark

Sara Renar playing live in Rockmark

Tomorrow, 3 February, Sara Renar is on in Rockmark!

Although initially presented as a singer, this Zagreb musician released new material that is clearly out of the border of "a girl with a guitar" and very couragesly escapes strict genre orientation. 

Her debut album "Children", announced in 2013 under the auspices of the record label Aquarius Records, presents the background music with pop-rock-blues elements. With her current EP release of "Autumn", published in Autumn 2014, listeners experienced the intention of playing with different genres, including the increasingly common electronic music.

You can listen to her last single here: Sara Renar-Razmak video. Be sure not to miss listening Sara play live, see you in Rockmark at 7 pm! :)