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12th Night of Museums

Night of Museums 2017

Croatian Museum Association has carried out this popular manifestation for eleven years.

Night of Museums has fully taken on the characteristics of an inevitable cultural event, with the aim to encourage further recognition of museums as dynamic institutions which encourage research, innovation, creativity, and by promoting heritage and its impact on contemporary trends, promote the importance of interaction between museums and society in general, create new audiences and sustainable development of the museum as well as the community.

Twelfth Night of Museums will be held on January 27, 2017 from 06:00 pm until 01:00 am and will be marked by the theme named Music and musical giants and their impact on society, which will have the tendency to draw attention to the importance of collecting, preserving and presenting tangible and intangible cultural heritage to general public, which many museums and other institutions have in their collections, but also to show the importance of exceptional influence of music and music makers throughout history up to the most modern times.