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Lanterns in the nights sky

Kapulica & Chinese lanterns

The performance of releasing Chinese lanterns into the skies over Zagreb was started by academic painter and graphic artist Krešimir Tadija Kapulica who thought releasing the Chinese lanterns would inspire citizens to believe in their dreams and wishes and fight for them.

The first "Kapulica & Lanterns" performance took place five years ago with hundreds of friends and enthusiasts who gathered to support the artist. Over the years the event's popularity grew quickly which resulted in several thousand people attending the event and releasing more than 1500 lanterns into the air in 2013. Every year the event gives a magical and memorable experience for the visitors who have a chance to see the sky filled with lanterns of good wishes and hopes

This year's performance of releasing Chinese lanterns into the air will be held at the Dolac Market this Monday, December 22, from 6.30 pm. The lanterns can be obtained for 10 kuna that will be donated to Firefly - association for helping children and families facing malignant diseases”. 

Although there are 3000 lanterns available, the number of wishes that will be released into Zagreb's skies is unlimited

Take a look at how was it last year here and don't miss out on this magical evening where all your dreams can come true!